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Hello, everyone here’s a list of our services. Please keep in mind we do not work over anyone’s work, so it is best to always get a new set to be happy with your service.

Classic Full Sets: $110-$120

This set included more extensions so longer time for eyelash application. It includes 1hr 30 minutes including prep time. Client’s Must arrive on time after 15 minutes would be re-scheduled. The total lashes per eye is 60 per eye. Must have no eyelash extensions on from other lash business.

Classic Ellipse Full Set: $140-$160.00

The process of applying individual flat lashes to each lash. These lashes are vegan friendly and healthier lash extension that holds better retention for shorter lashes than the mink .  These lashes create their own fullness and fluff. Be sure to book your appointment at your location. Mobile Service will be more than current pricing. So please call to schedule.

Who We Are

Your Trusted Beauty Bar Since 2014 Since 2014, Nichole Grays Lash Studio has grown to be one of the most prominent spots in Round Rock, Tx guaranteeing quality and professionalism to all of our customers. Our services are tailored toward every client. We customize our treatments based on the individual needs of the client and strive to provide each customer with a positive experience. Over the years, we’ve always been committed to making our devoted customers look stunning and feel their best. Book us today and see what we have to offer you! Be sure to book by your location under the "BOOK NO" or Call Us Today! Some same-day appointments may be available!




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What People Say

Positive: Quality

I’ve had my lashes done by both Nichole and Kimeka. They are both excellent! I have very sensitive eyes so they both worked with me on trying different glues and techniques until things were just right.

Getting my lashes done has been a very relaxing experience and I recommend you plan ahead, try not to rush your lash tech and follow the after care instructions:)

Service: Eyelash extensions

naiomi catron

Never had extensions before and have always had very short sparce eyelashes. Nichole explained the process and answered all my questions with patience. I have had to change the type and length of my extensions several times until I found the right style for me. Nichole has been so helpful and made me feel comfortable telling her when I wanted a change. Have also been to two of her other techs when she was booked and they are all very kind, professional, clean and experienced!

Michelle Yates

Book NOW! This is hands down the best place to get your lashes. The women here are amazing, talented, and certified from the best Institute in Austin. It is amazing how your whole perspective, of how you look, can make such a dramatic change with lashes. They really brighten your face. What a confidence builder!!! Thank you, Kimeka.

Amy Bowers

Nichole Gray’s Lash Studio saved me in a pinch!! I desperately needed a lash fill for an important event and the place I was going to couldn’t fit me in. Lucky for me I found this place and they were so helpful in squeezing me in last minute. Nichole and her staff were so welcoming and took the time to not only ask about my needs and concerns but to also educate me on how to care for my lashes properly. Kameka was my lash tech and she was great! She was friendly and knowledgeable and gave me the nicest set of lashes I’ve had so far! Needless to say I think I’ll be sticking with Nichole Gray’s, thanks ladies!!!

Annette Esquivel

Nichole never fails to amaze me she always delivers exactly what im looking for. I reached out to Nichole in a pinch and she got me in with in two days, I am very grateful for that because she books so fast I definitely recommend her to everyone I know she is the best lash tech I know. A huge reason I love her is her glue she uses it does not burn !! She uses Quality products on all her clients ! No matter if you’re coming from far or just down the road the drive is definitely worth meeting Nichole and getting your lashes done by her it will be an experience you’ll never forget and she will definitely become your new favorite lash tech !!! ❤️❤️

Sarah Hegstad

Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Nichole has great service! She has educated me on the lashes . She's is very honest! This is my second time! I brought .my daughter for lash lift and she exceeded expectations! I even have certain allergies and she patched test me to be sure I wasn't allergic. I like that she has concerns before she offers service to anyone. She will inform you she's not liable and you have to sign waivers to consent if you decide on a service she doesn't recommend. She the best!

Sharon Ray

Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

I just moved here from Washington State, I’ve had my lashes for about 13 years or longer, was looking for the same quality and service that I got back home. But as woman know that is not easy to find especially if you move out of state. I’m a die hard when it comes to getting my lashes done. Everyone who knows me, knows that if you do an amazing job then I’m loyal for life.

I’ve been here for 1 month and after a couple of weeks I went to a salon where I thought they would do a great job, and give me what I requested which was volume lashes. I walked out with a classic look. Waste of time and money. Had to look again. Found Nichole Gray salon in Round Rock Tx

Ladies this salon does not disappoint. Nichole is an amazing, beautiful, talented woman, who listens and did exactly what I wanted. She exceeded my expectations and I’m so happy to say that I’ve found my Lash peeps.

If you are looking for someone to blow you away with amazing looking lashes for everyday or just an event. Then Nichole Gray Lash Studio is the place for you to call. You will not be disappointed. I promise! Thank you ladies for making my second experience of looking for a lash place my last one. Never need to look for another place again. You are it! Much love! ❤️❤️❤️😘

Alma Dahl

Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

I have been a client of Sakie for a while now, she is amazing and very professional.
As for the business I cannot say the same. I chose Nicoles as my lash salon bc of its close proximity and obviously good prices.

Unfortunately I’ve had a few sour experiences with the way the business its policies.
Since day one (over a year ago), the online booking has been a hustle that was never made easier.
The owner can be 15-20 min late on services BUT if you do the same you will be charged. I had a MONTHLY membership. Which was two fills with every 2 weeks. With trouble scheduling online most of the time and many blocked-out days it made it hard to stay with in that strict time-frame.
she would find any excuse to imply/apply her policies to charge more.

$50 fee for missed fill appointment bc I was flu positive was the last straw for me + the owner blaming me....

& yes she offered a refund, then later took it back bc I decided to let her know how I felt about the way she was doing business.

Jackie Garcia

Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value



Late Cancellations:Please be courteous to cancel at least 24 hours Prior to your appointment. You can login to your profile on Vagaro.com to cancel any existing appointments prior to 24 hours if it doesn't allow is due to its passed the time frame. This helps us be convenient for clients whom are awaiting appointments. The deposits will not be refunded in the event of late cancellation or no show appointments. Voicemail Messages will not qualify for early cancellation. Thank you we appreciate you!!

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"All girls are beautiful in their own way." Marilyn Monroe

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Very clean and friendly environment
Master Lash Tech Sakie Room2
Sake always does my lashes as if I'm a superstar.

Lorrell B

Senior Master Lash & Brow Pmu Consultant Nichole Room
She’s the cutest

Maday C

Master Lash Tech Sakie Room2
Amazing work

Tera J

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