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Do you feel heavy on the lashes upon applying mascara? Then say goodbye to your crimped lashes and start taking extra care of your lashes!

In recent times, Instagram has made everyone beauty conscious and aware of the latest trends. Taking care of your eyelashes is essential in a girl’s makeup regime. Whether applying mascara or following your skincare regime, it has become a girl’s everyday essential. While applying mascara, you must have experienced that it inflames your eyes and causes skin problems like irritation, redness, and other allergic reactions. Besides all such issues, mascara can thin your lashes and almost fall out. So, instead of spending money on high-end mascaras, why not look for a better option to give your lashes a natural look? 

2d lash extensions offer a natural look!

One of the most in-demand techniques for a natural look is 2d lash extensions. These lashes are highly in demand and are referred to as ” double-volume lashes”. If you are in search of getting a medium eyelash volume without the mascara application, then it is the best option one could consider. This technique attaches two extensions onto one natural eyelash, and thus, the look becomes natural and lighter. 


  • The stylist listens to the client’s demands and then applies the 2D extensions to the natural eyelashes. To give a neat look to the client’s eyelashes, they glue the artificial eyelash side by side while the tips diverge in different directions.
  • After the complete analyses of the eyelashes, they get the makeup removed. Then they wash the lashes with a lash shampoo and use a primer with the help of eyelash pads to avoid lower eyelashes contact with the upper row.
  • The stylist starts creating a 2D eyelash by dipping the lash into the glue and attaching it to the natural lash. This process repeats about 150 to 200 times.
  • Finally, the lashes are combed with a brush when the procedure is completed. The stylist corrects the small gaps before finishing the 2D lash extensions. 


Eyes look wider:

The lash lift enhances your natural lashes and makes them appear longer, separate, and curled upwards. This improves your eyes by looking bigger and more open.

Enhances the beauty:

The lash lift enhances your beauty and does not require any touch-ups. You can go mascara free and still look all dolled up.

Helps in creating a dramatic look:

Want to get a dramatic look for a brand shoot? Or want voluminous eyes that mimic falsies? Achieve every look with 2d lash extensions for a medium eyelash volume without needing daily mascara application. 

The lash lift creates volume at the root of your lashes, lifting them from your eye to make a complete, voluminous look mimicking falsies.

Works on all kinds of lashes:

We provide lash services to lashes of any length!

The lash expert looks at your natural lashes and then decides how much curl your lashes can handle. The lash lift can get done on lashes of any length, whether short or long. 

Gives long-lasting results:

It can last for six weeks or even more with proper aftercare. It is the best option for you if you have a busy schedule.


Do you have time to get ready every day? If not, then, try lash lifts to elevate your daily look!

If you want beauty on the go, then try lash lifts and ditch going to the salon for expensive lash services. If you have a busy schedule with less time to go to the salon, then even a little lash lift will help you. 

Minimal preparation:

We treat your lashes so well that you do not get them ruined!

We prepare for your lash lift in an effective way that does not require much work.

The lash services include the following lash lift preparation tips:

  • Avoid using mascara or curl them for 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Try not to use waterproof mascara for 2-3 days before visiting your lash lift expert.
  • Always keep in mind to take off lash extensions before your appointment.
  • Arrive at your experts’ clinic with a clean face.


If you want something complementing the lash lifting, you can opt for lash tinting!

Lash tinting is a part of lash services in which a dye gets brushed directly onto the eyelashes to darken them. The color of the tint lasts for about a month and makes your lash line pop. A lash tint produces depth and dimension to your face by bringing the lashes forward. The esthetician decides the tint color that best compliments your complexion and current lashes. Once the desired depth and color of tint are reached, the esthetician removes any excess dye with a cotton swab and cleans the surrounding area. Lash serum gets incorporated as a final step to restore hydration, and clients are recommended not to wash their face for the rest of the day.

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