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What are colored lash extensions?


With time we experience changes in several things. When it comes to beauty or hair care, we have seen different hair cuttings becoming a trend. People enjoy experimenting with looks, from adopting a trendy hair color complementing one’s haircut to wearing hair extensions.   Colored eyelash extensions are one of those fashion trends which have gained popularity over the past few years. It has become a trend; in fact, women find this fun beauty trend cool. It has now become a thing that influencers, bloggers, and even models mix up with different extension colors and lengths. 


Colored lash extensions can make your eyes pop and appear flashy with the way lash extensions look. It’s your choice if you want to opt for a basic lash extension or the one with a funkier look. Eyelash extensions exist in different varieties. You can find them in various forms, colors, sizes, and lengths according to your preferences. The lash extensions with color include natural browns, blonde, deep red, purple, pink, blue, and shades of yellow. You can also keep your lash extensions basic but with a splash of colorful strands. This way, your eyes would get prominent, and you could achieve a funkier look.

We believe if several skin care products could exist on the market, then why not pay attention to the lash extensions. After all, usually, people notice eyes while meeting for the first time . Their attention drives through the eyes. Colored eyelash extensions make your eyes look bold and make them noticeable. You can even become a trendsetter by experimenting with different colors of the lash extensions. You can match your lash extensions with your outfit or make them according to your makeup. 


Lashes with color comprise the following features:

  • Synthetic material:

Synthetic eyelashes hold their shape well. They are the least expensive and have the curl better.

  • Achieving a neat look by using colored eyelashes:

Mascara can make your eyelashes look untidy, so that these dramatic eyelash extensions can provide you with a subtle and effective look. 

  • Lash extensions add length to your natural eyelashes:

Lash extensions lift your lashes and draw people’s attention to your eyes. It also serves the purpose of adding fullness to your natural lashes.

  • Lash extensions having water resistant quality:

Did my lash fall off?

No, you do not need to ask this because short periods of water exposure do not damage the lashes. We suggest protecting the lashes from moisture since it would soften and damage the delicate lashes.

  • Eyelash extension enhancing your natural eye color:

Clients who want to achieve a subtle look with their eyelash extensions can opt for an ombre or bright hues to enhance their natural eye color. This way, their eye color stands out and 

Color lash extensions have a unique appeal, and you can select the most suitable eyelashes according to your preferences. We suggest our clients keep their makeup minimal and then emphasize the eyelashes if they want to apply extensions. We provide eyelash extensions that would not cause any stiffness or would not make you feel heavy on the lashes. Our lash services offer less damage to your natural lashes, and we prepare them with high-end products to make you feel like you are wearing a natural lash. 

From vegan to synthetic eyelashes, you can choose any size!

The colored lash extensions procedure of lash application takes about one and a half hours to two or three hours. The half set takes between 50 to 80 minutes, whereas the volume lashes take longer. You can facilitate our infill appointment for about 2 to 5 weeks. We motivate our customers to take infill appointments because once colored eyelash extensions begin to grow, they start shedding simultaneously and later cause the extensions to fall out gradually. The customers must get their eyelash infills and touch-ups within 2 to 4 weeks.


Lash extensions with color use specially formulated, semi-permanent glue which does not irritate the eye. We protect the natural eyelash from getting damaged, and we ensure to apply the lash only on the existing lash instead of applying it to the skin. 

  • Evaluation of lash application:

Our specialists analyze the risks and benefits and the conditions which might cause risks. They ensure that the colored eyelash extensions make their eyes look suitable. To avoid any severe damages, we suggest the client remove their contacts if they have them applied. 

  • Decision-making for the length:

Color eyelashes could give the clients a natural basic look or a glamorous one. Our professionals ensure to get all the specifications from the client and then step ahead on the lash application process. Based on clients’ desired look, we choose their length and curl strength for the extensions.

  • Keeping the eye area clean:

Application of color lash extensions requires a cleansed eye area. So, our professionals remove all the makeup from the client’s face. After cleansing, the eye area becomes germs-free. Now, the process may last for about 1-2 hours. The lash artist applies an under-eye gel to the lower lash line, and by using tweezers, the extensions get dipped in glue and then applied. We apply the eyelash extension per natural lash because it makes your eyelash look more voluminous. We ensure that the eyelash application process does not get painful and the lash glue dries quickly.  

  • Removal of gels:

Our lash services provide clients with extra caution if they have sensitive skin. The lash artist removes the under-eye gels and tape with the help of a spooly and then asks the client to open their eyes.


Color eyelashes complement your eyes, whether a set of cool blue colors or a splash of pink in the corner. Opting for such unique and bold colors for eyelash extension enhances your whole look and makes you stand out. Since our lash studio has a variety of eyelash extensions, you can opt for red hot lashes for a night-out plan. Now, wearing those basic black and brown eyelashes is too old-fashioned, so one can easily opt for red lashes to divert attention from the outfit to the eye makeover. Colored lash extensions in red can suit the best for an ideal Valentine’s Day. Colored eyelash extensions help clients achieve a dramatic look in the most creative, funky, cool ways. You can create a style through your whole outfit, makeover, and statement lashes, making you stand out among others. Colored mascara in various eye-catching colors captured the market in the previous years. Still, if you want your hands on something which gives a permanent and natural effect, then you must opt for our eyelashes. Colored lash extensions have now become a popular beauty trend. We offer our lash services with the best possible prices and packages to raise the value of our salon. Colored eyelash extensions can define clients’ eyes and accentuate their natural lashes.

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